AVYourSay Live

Just when you thought it was safe to Tweet… AVYourSay goes LIVE!

It’s finally happened – Amber Valley’s most exciting networking phenomenon is making the leap from your laptop and into the physical world!

AVYourSay, the weekly Tuesday night Twitter networking session has been an unprecedented success. Trending nationally on a number of occasions, it has brought local businesses together via social media to support one another and open the door to new clients and extra trade. And not only that – it’s been fun too!

AVYourSay has now gone live and local – and we’d love for you to come along and experience it for yourself. The first event was held on Monday the 8th of April 2013 at the Marquis of Ormonde in Codnor and will be followed by further events every quarter in and around the Amber Valley Borough.

Places are strictly limited so if you want to come along and join in then please register your details

So come along and mix with the best that the Amber Valley has to offer!

Don’t just Tweet – Meet!

For more details visit the AVYourSay Live web site at www.avyoursaylive.co.uk

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