Tips, Tricks & Tools

Here are a few tips, tricks, apps and web sites for Twitter users and web site developers to help you get the most out of twitter. Any suggestions for things to add to this page then contact us.


Can't find exactly what you're looking for in Twitter.

If the standard Twitter search is not turning up results for your desired terms, you may want to their advanced search.

Make a Twitter button for your web site.

Make buttons so that your web site visitors can follow you or tweet about your web site. See Twitter buttons.

Add any public Twitter feed to your web site.

Add any public Twitter timeline to your website using the tool provided by Twitter. See Widget Maker

Use RSS Newsreader to watch Twitter Feeds.

If you want to add an RSS feed of a hashtag to your newsreader the add the following line
(replace ayoursay with the hashtag you want to follow)

If you want to add an RSS feed of a Twitter User the use the following line.
(replace ambervalleyinfo with the user name you want to follow)

Online Tools


Tweepz is a Twitter search tool that lets you limit searches to specific parts of Twitter's user information (like name, bio, and location), filter results by follower/following numbers, location, and other extracted terms, and greatly improves on the layout of the search results.


Hootsuite is a great Twitter toolbox. With HootSuite, you can manage multiple Twitter profiles, pre-schedule tweets, and measure your success.


Manage Flitter is a great application for unfollowing people, even on the basic account, you can easily multiselect up to a 100 people to unfollow using a great little interface.

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